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Embroidery is the process is turning graphic design into needle and thread art for application to the fabric. These designs can be simple, single colour or multi-colour intricate pieces of art. If the fabric can be laid flat then it can be embroidered.

The Process is;

Step 1

Have you got your own artwork? if yes, GREAT START!

This means we have a base to start from. As an outlet we need the image/logo/file in a nice clear format. Tech names; VECTOR, EPS, PNG,PDF. These are all nice and clear - JPEG for example isn't so clear as it is made up of loads of pixels and when we zoom in or try and use your image it will beome blurry. (If jpeg is all you have tho, please show the team and we can see what we can do).

If you haven't got your artwork? If it's still in the earlier stages or maybe you want help or your still in the pipedream stage of your idea. That is also cool. You have options - You can speak to us and talk through options or you can hire a graphic designer to create & bring your idea to life. You can usually find them quite easy.


Your image now gets digitized into a stitch format, we do this on a system called 'Wilcom'. Which means a trained individual will convert your image into the stitches you will see on your final garment/product.


Once digitized. Thread colours are selected to match your image as close as possible. Sometimes a little movement on the colour may be needed as we don't have the whole rainbow in stock. You can select the thread colours yourself if you pop in the office and you yourself can check the stock! We use Madeira threads.

Once complete and worksheet or run sheet (as we call it) is produced. This shows us everything the machine operator needs to bring your logo to life. How many stitches are in it. How many Colours. The code of the threads needed. The size. Tells you everything. The operator will then program the big Tajima embroidery machines with this content and hoop your garnment. Then all that left to do is press 'go'.


The process is the same whether you order 1 or 1000 garments. Once all items have been embroidered they are removed from the machine and special backing, that was used is removed. Then we will trim and QC (Quailty control) all items. The operator will then steam and re-package the order.

Step 5

We box it all up. Label it. Then send you either an e-mail or text saying that your garment/s are now complete and ready for collection.

we are open from 10am - 5pm Mon -Fri and you can collect.

We also ship out. Whatever you need as a customer we can






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