The world of gardening

Whilst Gardening, landscaping and outdoor maintenance may not attract some, for others they can’t stop themselves from sowing one more seed, trimming one more hedge and mowing one more lawn. For those that can’t resist having their fingers green should consider making their passion their career. As I’m sure those in the community know there are dozens of gardening and landscaping companies scattered around the country, however, here at I-prints with our 10+ years of printing experience we can make yours stand out. Making you a real rose between thorns.


The Helyers group      


The Helyers group are a very successful landscaping company based in and around Hampshire. The family run business is achieving their dream of landscaping and gardening to all sorts of customers from small projects to full renovations. As a family run business they thought it would be pertinent to brand themselves as such giving customers a comforting feeling knowing that their garden will be in safe and reliable hands, in order for this the twin owners of the company decided to accumulate a selection of simple polo shirts, fleeces and jackets with their logo embroidered in the top right, a simple yet affect way that they can let customers know they are trusted and reliable.    




lawn are a little more than just a family dream and are quite the entrepreneurs. A professional and up standing business with the branding and out reach to match. They used their logo’s and designs on a numerous amount of items, be that vehicles equipment and banners. The company also have used their brand with their uniform, as a large company they feel they need to emphasise their professionalism and feel that their workers going out in all matching uniforms and branding that they will look the part and therefor do the job accordingly.


Southern counties Landscaping LTD

Southern counties have been a customers ours for sometime and in fact are based right next door to our offices here in Holme grange, they’ve been proud and impressed of the quality of our results often coming back for more of the same. They are a bespoke Landscaping and renovation company working all across the south of England and ,with our help of course, have solidified themselves as a well respected company by exposing their brand and logo out to the public. 



Finding your roots?

If you wish to start your own gardening/landscaping company or even if you already have one and are looking for that something special that will push your dreams forward we believe that the right branding on uniforms, jackets, polos or almost any clothing you can think of will be a step in the right direction so call us at 0118 327 1212 or email us for an invoice at