Rugby World Cup

As I’m sure you know the Rugby world cup has come to a close with a bitter end to England’s many fans, with Eddie Jones’s England side losing to South Africa in the final 12 -32. As disappointing as this was the campaign was a historic one with a emphatic win over New Zealand which shocked the world, we look forward to France hosting the next one in 2023, where we hope redeem ourselves against South Africa.

Similar to our FIFA football world cup post we thought we would publish some of our favourite personalised equipment used by some of the world best, making sure they can never go unnoticed, we think it’s only fair to start with South Africa…


Victor Matfield



A legendary player of the game, one of South Africa’s most dangerous and influential captains in recent years. An evidently patriotic man, proud of his nationality. His head guard plastered with his countries flag and colours, screaming to the world that he is South African and proud, making a big statement to world rugby, an easily making him the first man on the pitch to spot! Obviously not the only one who loves their country and for those that couldn’t represent their country showed their patriotism in a different way…


Rhys Priestland   


Preistland is a veteran of the sport and a crucial player in English premiership side; Bath. Whilst the world cup has been going on in Japan, Bath and its players decided to support their country in their own way. As you can see here Rhys Priestland has his welsh flag emblazed on his chest, with other players having their home nation flags on their jersey’s too. A very subtle yet powerful message of support for their teammates playing over-seas. Priestland doesn’t have the best history with world cup success, regrettably neither do the current England team…       





source: The Sun


Unfortunately this was a day to forget in English rugby, however for some of those players, playing in their first or maybe last ever world cup final was such an event that they couldn’t miss or couldn’t forget. All the players for England that day had this message (that you see above) embroidered on their jersey’s so for years to come they can reminisce on the time the played in a rugby world cup final. For this world cup campaign a new captain was selected to reinvigorate the team, the new England captain has been known for his statements on the pitch both through skill and style…


Owen Farrell

source: Daily mail

Owen Farrell, recently made England captain, has been one of England’s best up and coming players in many, many years, some even comparing him to the retired Johnny Wilkinson. He had a partnership with Nike wearing customised boots embellished with his twitter handle along with the hashtag #makeitcount. This was a campaign started by Nike who are a predominately football based company expanding into rugby and using #makeitcount to encourage athletes to perform to their best on the big stage. Regrettably November 2nd however was not the night Owen Farrell was looking hoping for and As much we don’t like to admit it the South Africans played very well, with the fans behind them… Quite literally.                     



South Africa



The springboks proved themselves the better team on the day and the maybe the reason they performed so well was the deep passion the South Africans have for their team. Before the world cup began the national team started a campaign of appreciation for their fans. Fans would send in selfies of themselves and if they were lucky their photos would be chosen to make up a montage of fan to make up the numbers on their teams shirts. Love them or hate them I think everyone can agree this was a fantastic idea and really made the fans believe they were with their team trough everything Japan through at them. 


Make your statement

As you can see rugby is becoming a sport which is growing more and more into the casual market with the increased amount of showman and sportsman ship through the stand out players making themselves household names and easily recognisable. Could you be the next Owen Farrell? Make your first step by get your name out there with personalised equipment. Call us at 0118 327 1212 or email us for an invoice at .