Printing techniques to make you feel fancy

Custom printed clothing is always a great way to stand out from the crowd, whether it’s a unique personalised t-shirt or a new team kit, but there are times when you need to go the extra mile. Luckily, there is a whole range of bright and beautiful printing techniques out there, perfect for when you need to outshine the competition or just feeling a bit fancy.

While you have seen these sparkly printing techniques before, you might not have realised just how easy and achievable they are. Today, glitter lettering and diamante detail are no longer reserve for the biggest budgets. Here’s a rundown of the all fancy printing techniques we offer at i-Prints.


Add diamante to your printed clothing to stand out

Perfect as added detail or even as a design of it’s down, this technique involves sealing diamantes or rhinestones onto garments with a heat press. A machine places the diamantes on with extreme precision and can be used to create a range of different designs and fonts. At i-Prints, you can choose from one of our pre-set fonts or designs for quick and affordable diamante printing or come up with your own design.

While diamante printing works great on its own, it can also be used with other printing techniques to make your design stand out and add a fancy flourish to your clothing. This technique is perfect for clubs who want to stand out including dance teams looking to show off at competition time. A diamante design t-shirt also makes a unique gift or hen party kit.

If you want to keep your design sparkly and in-tact, don’t forget to wash your clothing with extra care. While the diamante technique is more durable than ever, these little gems can still fall off with hard wear and tear.

Reflective and holographic

Get holographic printed clothing in different colours

Shine on with our reflective gold and silver or holographic printing. Using special shiny vinyl, this heat transfer technique is ideal for lettering and numbers. While our reflective foil vinyl comes in luxurious gold and silver, you can be extra bold with our holographic vinyl available in a wide range of colours.

The wide choice of colours with these techniques means they’re ideal for an even wider range of uses. From promotional clothing to sports teams, our holographic method means you can pick out the right colours for your brand, club or team to really make a statement at your event or competition. While it looks great on its own, you can also pair it with our diamante print for a design that really pops.


Stand out with glitter printed clothing

Steal the show with our sparkly glitter print. The technique is similar to our reflective and holographic methods and simply swaps foil-like vinyl for glitter and is also ideal for numbers and lettering. Just like our holographic technique, you can get a glitter finish in a range of colours to suit your club, team or brand.

While our reflective and glitter printing is limited in its colour variation and design, it more than makes up for it with a bright and eye-catching finish. You can use our glitter printing on a wide range of garments and it’s relatively quick to produce, but make sure you’re still careful with washing if you want your design to stand the test of time.

Like the idea of make a statement at your next competition or doing something a bit different for your hen-do? Contact us today to find out more about our fancy printing techniques.

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