Phoniex Stars Gemini

i-prints proudly sponsor Phoniex Stars Gemini, an outstanding and ambitious cheerleading team. Read on to find out more about what being a cheerleading today is like ✨

We are PSC Gemini, a cheerleading team from Salisbury UK with world champion goals.

When you think of cheerleading, you probably think of pom poms and cheering on the sports teams. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Cheerleading has developed into a fun and energetic sport which incorporates acro gymnastics, tumbling, jumps and dance. All these elements are combined to make a two minute thirty routine to music and teams travel around the world to take the title of the best of the best. 

Last season, Gemini competed around the UK with hope to gain a bid to the world championships. At their final competition in July, they won the all important Partial Paid bid. A partial paid bid is an award given when a competition provider sees enough potential in your team that they offer to pay a sum towards the cost of entry to the worlds competition. 

In April we will be heading to our first world championships in Orlando, Florida. The team of 17 girls will compete in the International Open 6 division against countries from all over the world. The reigning champions, Canada’s Great White Sharks are our biggest competition. This is a new experience for all of our athletes and they can’t wait to get onto the worlds floor!