New Year – New You

New Year – New You

New Year’s Eve is often the most anticipated time on the calendar, a chance to celebrate and make the most of time with your family and friends. The task of setting all the new year’s resolutions approaches. A chance to start fresh and set goals to help improve your lifestyle. What are your goals this year? Get healthy by a daily jog? Eat better to loose some weight? Work harder to achieve more success? We all fall a victim to the unreasonable new year’s resolutions that never make it past January. This year instead of setting yourself targets that are unlikely to be reached, start off the new year with a new look and feel in a fresh set of work wear.


We all want to kick start the year on a positive with high intentions for our businesses. A fresh set of work wear will not only make you look fresh and new, it will also make you feel prepared and ready. Going out in new work wear, printed up to your taste with your logo and details will allow you to feel current and ready for whatever comes your way. How can you expect to perform well for the new year when you are still in last year’s clothes?

Whatever your line of work may be, we can offer you a vast selection of possibilities to allow your work wear to portray your business in the way you would like. We are able to print and embroider garments from Hi-Vis, to sportswear, to the more standard polos and t-shirts. Nothing feels better, or leaves a longer lasting impression than setting out to meet a new customer in stylish updated uniform.

We can offer you the service of helping you to create a new logo, or update an old logo to allow you to keep your brand’s design current and trendy. We are able to print in a wide range of colours, including sparkly, glitter, metallic’s and neon’s, meaning there will be a colour to suit you. We have a large selection of different coloured embroidery threads. Whichever method of placing your details onto your garments you choose a huge selection of possibilities awaits you.



Alan Drake

9 Years printing experience.

Previous 12 years IT Support experience.