Custom cheerleading and gymnastics kits

While there are plenty of printers able to put together a simple team kit, cheerleading and gymnastics arguably require something a little more special. Cheer and gymnast teams need be brighter and bolder to stand out at games and competitions, and the standard sublimation t-shirt sometimes just isn’t enough. Fortunately, we’ve had over 10 years’ experience printing all kinds of team kits, and we’re especially experienced with cheerleading and gymnastics.

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Why team kits are so important

If you play, perform and work as a team, you deserve to look like one too. Team kits are essential for identity, unity and equality. Here’s why you should be taking your cheer and gymnast kits seriously.

  • Boost morale – when you look like a team, you feel like a team. It’s more than just feeling good; the better your team feels, the better they’ll perform.
  • Stand out at competitions – make a statement at events and competitions to catch the eye of the judges and let the competition know who you are.
  • Professional appearance – show you mean business and take your team to the next level with a professional looking kit.

Of course, just having a kit isn’t enough. You’ll want a high-quality finish and a unique design if you want to look like a ready-to-win professional team.

Get custom printed gymnastics ktis

Bright and bold cheerleading kits and gymnastics kits

After years of working with cheerleading and gymnastics teams from all over the country, we’ve gotten to know exactly what it takes to stand out when it matters most. That’s why we’ve refined our services and printing techniques to make sure each team can look their best with unique, quality designs.

This includes what we like to call our ‘fancy’ printing techniques, all of which are extremely popular with all our cheerleading and gymnast customers. A wider choice of printing methods means you can get a completely unique design, whether it’s your everyday training kit or your special championship uniform. Match to your team or tournament colours and let your imagination run wild.

Get custom cheerleading and gymnastics kits that are bright and bold

Sublimation, vinyl and embroidery

They may be simple, but our basic printing methods are popular for a reason. Mix and match any of our printing methods to create a unique and professional looking kit for your cheerleading team or gymnastics team. Vinyl works great for numbers and lettering while sublimation can be used for a range of designs both simple and complex. You can also pair your main design with some embroidery on the front breast for an uber-professional finish.

Reflective and holographic

Outshine the competition with our reflective and holographic vinyl. Perfect for letters and numbers, you can get reflective gold and silver vinyl or our popular holographic vinyl in an even wider range of colours to make your team kits stand out. Use it for your everyday kit or get your gymnastics or cheerleading team ready for an upcoming competition with a personalised kit to mark the occasion.

Reflective and holographic prints are perfect for gymnastics kits


Use it on its own as a finishing touch to make your sublimation or vinyl design stand out. We use a high-quality heat press technique, so your sparkly design is as durable as it is beautiful. While this print method is sure to make your team shine like the diamonds they are, we promise it costs a lot less than traditional diamonds.


Still not sparkly enough for you? Why not go a step further and try our glitter vinyl? Offering the best of worlds, our glitter comes in the wide range of colours featured in our holographic collections but with added sparkle shine like diamante.

Sparkle with custom glitter cheerleading kits

A kit for every occasion

We source for a wide range of suppliers to offer you the biggest choice of garments and kits out there. We also don’t mind printing on your own kit or clothes. While we tend to charge the trade prices on the clothes themselves so it’s not usually cheaper, if you already have existing kit or clothes you’ve sourced then we’re more than happy to print away.

This includes the classics like t-shirts and hoodies, perfect for both on and off the stage, as well as more speciality items like leotards, vests and specialised kits. We can even print extra like hats, bags and even shoe embroidery, so your team and look and feel great whenever and wherever they are.

Custom printed sports bags for cheerleading and gymnastics teams

Flexible but still affordable

We’re talking about cheerleading and gymnastics kits, but we don’t mean that kind of flexible. What we do mean is no minimums. That’s no minimum order quantities, so you can order from as little as one and still benefit from our affordable prices. This is perfect for smaller teams who might normally struggle to get kits in lower quantities or ideal for ordering a one-off for a new team member. Get a new design made up or simply re-order from a previous design we’ve printed for you. Plus, you save when you re-order from us. An ongoing relationship is great for us, so we make it great for you too.

While our low quantity orders are still affordable, there’s no doubt that you can save with bulk orders. We have no set-up fees and can offer great price breaks and trade prices, so bulk quantities are a steal.

Get your own cheerleading kits and gymnastics kits

Ready to bring your team together and save money at the same time? Contact one of our friendly team today on 0118 327 1212 or go ahead and get a quick quote with our easy quote form.

Stand out with custom cheerleading kits and custom gymnastics kits


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