It’s that time of year again!

Christmas is round the corner ladies and gentlemen and there’s no stopping it, the first few advent doors have been opened and a certain elf has been causing havoc here at I-prints, to find out more check our Instagram daily to find out what he gets up to next: @iprintsuk. Tis the season to be jolly folks and we have been keeping the spirits high, we have embroidered on stockings, printed on Santa hats and decked our halls significantly this year and we’re quite proud of it… take a look.

We think we have the best decorated office in Holme grange, and why wouldn’t we? just look at our front door! But don’t take our word for it come down and see, if you’re especially lucky you might be able to see an early Christmas present the office all got Alan.


Alan has thrown himself into the Christmas spirit and we very wisely invested in a elf costume for him, A purchase that cant be flawed and is widely appreciated across Holme grange… is it an elf? is it the great Gatsby? no its Alan, bubbling with Christmas joy.


Our embroidery cabinet has been given a Christmas pampering, sporting the Santa hats, accompanied with the fairy light up above, lets just hope it doesn’t distract Debbie too much.  

The embroidery department hasn’t been resting however, no in fact last week we finished a small project for Leighton park who want they’re names on Santa and elves hats for the teachers, as well as very snazzy custom made hat, crafted for the boss at A1 window cleaning here in Holme grange. A very top quality piece I think you’ll all agree with.

We’ll be open until the 23rd so we wish you all a very merry Christmas here from I-prints. Please come visit us for all your Christmas printing needs, or if you just want to try and spot Alan the elf, it’s understandable. 

Call us at 0118 327 1212 or email us for an invoice/inquiring at 

Merry Christmas!