A summer of sports

With warmer weather finally here and sunny days to look forward to, it’s no surprise most of us spend the summer outside rather than cooped up indoors. For some, that means beaches and poolside’s, but for many, it means taking the opportunity to get out and active. In fact, arguably some of the best sports in the calendar take place in these brief summer months.

Celebrating a summer of sports

July and August see some of our favourite sporting events hit our screens. While we still have two more years to wait until the next Olympics and some of us are still in a state of shock after the World Cup, there is still plenty to look forward to.

Cycling: Tour de France Ride and more

The Tour de France is undoubtedly the highlight of the cycling calendar but if you’re sad to see it go at the end of July then fear not. Summer is the season of choice of cycling, so you can also look forward to other popular cycling competitions including Ride London-Surrey also at the end of July, La Vuelta a Espana in August and September and Tour of Britain in September.

summer cycling

Tennis: Wimbledon and The Tennis US Open

This year saw Wimbledon celebrate its 140th birthday in July and although it’s officially over now, there’s still plenty of tennis to enjoy including the Tennis US Open in August and September. Tennis makes us all feel quintessentially British, especially with some strawberries and cream in hand.

Cricket: England v India Test series

Just like tennis, cricket is one of those quintessentially British sports that gets everyone in the summer spirit. This summer, celebrate this very British sport and watch the England v India Test series scheduled throughout August.

Golf: The Ryder Cup and more

What better way to celebrate summer than on the green? The golf green, that is. Although it may be pushing it to call the end of September summer in England, in the world of golf summer stretches all the way to September 30th with the Ryder Cup, Le Golf National in Paris. There’s also the Women’s British Open and the US PGA Championship in August.

golf is a summer sport for all ages

Get active yourself this summer

While there’s plenty of sports to watch this summer, why stop there? The best way to celebrate a summer of sport is to get involved yourself. From swimming to tennis, there’s plenty of activities that the whole family can get involved in to soak up the sun. Whether you’re already a member of a local sports team or want to try something new this summer, here’s some of our favourite sports to try.


What could be more summery than donning some tennis whites? Tennis is a great summer sport because it can be played on a range of surfaces from traditional grass to modern AstroTurf, plus its great for all ages as well. Local gyms and leisure centres will usually have a tennis court or two for practice, which means you shouldn’t have a problem finding a class or a club to suit your age group or experience.

play tennis this summer


As soon as the good weather hits the cyclists saddle up and head out on the road. Cycling is probably our favourite activity for celebrating summer because it’s as much an opportunity to relax as it is a sport. While you can get competitive and invest in some lycra to help climb those tiring hills, you can also take a more relaxed approach and simply use cycling as a chance to take in the summer scenery and enjoy nature. From cycling through the woods to keep cool in the shade of trees, to taking on the valleys and soaking up the view from the top, a bike is a perfect way to get around this season.


If you fancy something that can be a little more relaxed than tennis, then maybe badminton is the sport for you. While you can get pretty competitive with this activity we prefer keeping it more casual. Rackets and shuttlecocks are cheap and easy to pick up throughout the summer, and you don’t even really need a net to get involved. Simply take your gear down to your local park or even the back garden and have a go.


What could be more British than a round of croquet? This relaxed sport has been enjoyed by people of all ages and even royalty. This garden sport is considered a very seasonal activity and is perfect for the whole family to get involved with this summer.


Cool off from the hot weather and take a dip at your local pool. It’s no surprise that this activity soars in popularity during the summer, especially if we’re lucky enough to get about of good weather. Your local area might even have a lido or outside swimming pool, so you can cool off and still soak up the sun.

cool off with swimming as a summer sport


This British sport is typically seen as one of the older generations but in recent years younger players have also been getting involved. The best thing about bowls is you’ll usually find it in abundance in the summer with lots of parks and outside areas having a bowls green nearby, and it’s easy to sign up with your local club.

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