School Leavers Hoodies

Every year thousands of students leave school and move on to the next stage, whether it’s year 6 moving on to their secondary school or university students finally leaving education altogether. Whatever the occasion, school leavers hoodies are an easy and affordable way to mark the occasion and save those important school memories. Not only do they commemorate certain school years, they can also be a physical reminder of all the students that spent those years making memories together.

School leavers hoodies from i-Prints

We’ve worked with schools and clubs from all over the country to produce a range of personalised gear from leavers sweatshirts to custom leavers hoodies. We’ve pretty much seen it all so we’ve refined our business over the years with benefits that we know matter to anyone in need of personalised leavers hoodies.

More than just a leavers hoodie company

At i-Prints, we’re not just as a school leavers company. We specialise in all kinds of personalised printed clothing for any occasion, which means you can be as creative as you like with your leavers hoodies. In fact, why opt for a hoody at all? We can also print school leavers jumpers, leavers sweatshirts and even leavers t-shirts. Choose from all the latest trends such as varsity leavers jackets, or accessorise with hats, mugs and other leavers gear.

Whatever style you go for, you can also choose from a huge range of leavers hoodies colours and designs. Keep it simple but stylish with a standard school leavers design, or why not work with our expert in-house designers and come up with something completely unique. From whacky fonts on the back to classy embroidery for the front logo, customise your personalised leavers hoodies to suit your school. Plus, we can even help you create team hoodies or personalised clothing for your school or university clubs.

No minimum order or save in bulk

As with all our projects, we bring our special customer care to all leavers orders, so whether you’re a teacher, parent or a student, we’ll work with you on a one-to-one basis to deliver the perfect school leavers hoodies. From year 6 leavers hoodies to year 11 leavers hoodies, you can affordably order from just 1 item to suit any size class or demand. Alternatively, save even more money and order in bulk for amazing trade deals and special price breaks.

Fast turnaround, same great quality

Whether it’s a few primary school leavers hoodies or hundreds of university hoodies, we understand that you want the best possible quality. Our expert team has years of experience printing everything from corporate wear to fundraising gear and there’s really nothing we haven’t seen. We guarantee high-quality products with professional finish prints to commemorate your school memories for years to come. Plus, we can even produce personalised leavers hoodies on a fast turnaround without sacrificing on our usual quality. Just let us know your deadline and requirements and we’ll do our best to help.