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The school hoodie has become a staple item of clothing and even an important part of the school uniform, and school leavers hoodies are no exception. Seeming to grow in popularity every year, these colourful memorabilia has spread to schools all over the UK and can now be found worn on Year 6 pupils as well as those moving up to university and from university beyond.

Why invest in school leavers hoodies?

Since their birth more than thirty years ago the humble leaver’s hoodie has come a long way. There is now a huge range of hoodie styles, colours and designs available to help schools stand out and celebrate important milestones in children’s lives. With so much focus on style, it can be easy to forget the substance. Aside from looking good, school leavers hoodies are an important part of school culture.

Commemorate the occasion

We all know how memories blur with time and school years can start to seem a bit hazy. A school leavers hoodie is the perfect physical memento of the occasion and way for pupils to not just remember their time at school, but their fellow schoolmates as well.

Promote school spirit with school leavers hoodies

While they may act excited and even relieved to be getting older and transitioning to older schools, the fact is these milestones can be pretty scary. Instead of focusing on leaving the safety of their current school for good and saying goodbye to school friends, leavers hoodies celebrate the occasion and give kids something to take with them.

Promote school spirit

While it’s true that leavers hoodies are really for the kids, they’re also great the for the school itself. Alongside a personalised design and name on the back, many schools now embroider their logo on the front of the hoodie. Not only do pupils get something to remember their own classmates, they can also remember the school itself. Encouraging students to wear their hoodies when possible can really help to promote some long-lasting school spirit.

They’re fun!

Probably the most important thing of all is that they’re fun. Leavers hoodies are a casual alternative to traditional uniform. While uniform may serve its purpose during the year it’s also important for students to feel comfortable, relaxed and to enjoy themselves, especially at these important milestones.

Getting the perfect school leavers hoodies

The best thing about today’s hoodies is by far the choice, but the worse thing can be… the choice. With so many colours, styles and designs to choose from it can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to choosing the right one. Every school is different and it’s important that you consider both the school itself and the individual students to make sure your hoodies are unique. Here are all the things you should think about when choosing the leavers hoodies for your school.

Get custom leavers hoodies in a range of colours and styles

Get creative

Hoodies are a staple for a reason. They’re comfortable, casual and stylish, but they’re not the only option when it comes to picking your leavers’ clothing. Today you can also choose from the increasingly popular varsity jacket, or even choose something that might be different but not necessarily new. Leavers t-shirts, polos and jumpers are some other alternatives that might help your school standout this year. Why not let the students themselves decide and hold a vote?

You can also get creative with the design. Traditionally leavers hoodies have had at least a nick-name and the year of graduation, but in recent years a more popular option has also included all the names of the graduating class. You can take this a step further by looking at different fonts and styles, or even talking to your printers about designing something more custom.

Get personal

Put the power into the hands of the students and let them customise their own hoodies slightly to suit their own tastes. You can do this by offering a list of colours and having each student pick their own, then sending the order off to be printed accordingly. While you can stick with the colours of the school, giving leavers the choice of their own colour is a great way to make the whole experience more fun and personal.

It’s also now popular to let them decide on the name they want on the back. Instead of opting for just their first name or first and surname, or even nothing at all, students can pick their own nickname. Again, this is much more fun and personal, and is a better way for students to remember their own friends and individual experiences at school.

Get it all

Advancements in printing have greatly reduced the price of some of the traditional techniques over the years. This means that it’s not more affordable than ever to opt for screen printing and embroidery, the perfect excuse to go ahead and get both! Embroidering the school logo on the front of the hoodie means you can put some focus on the school and school spirit while still letting students have their own distinctive touch with some of our suggestions above. Plus, embroidery has a professional and classy finish that helps to dress up the comfy and casual hoodie.

Get saving

As well as screen printing and embroidery being more affordable in general, there’s also some printers that can offer significant savings with things like no-minimum. At i-Prints, we have no minimum order quantity, so you don’t have to over-order and over-pay just to meet the requirement. On top of that, we usually only charge the supplier price for the hoodies themselves, so you’ll save money by just paying for our quality printing.

Get together

Don’t forget the photos at the end! Once you’ve got your perfect leaver hoodies it’s time to get everyone together and take that last picture.

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