Fun and unique school leavers ideas

As the weather begins to warm up and summer approaches many parents, teachers and students will be turning their attention to the end of the school year. For school leavers of any age, from year 6 to year 13, this is an exciting but also a scary time. While it often marks a time when students are excited to move on to the next stage, it also means stepping into the unknown and leaving behind familiar friends and fond memories.

That’s why hosting a school leavers event and marking the occasion can be so important. Not only is a great way to reward students for their years of work up until that point and to celebrate the next step, but it also helps them remember their school years and mark the milestone for the years to come.

Whether you’re on the PTA and looking to do something a bit different this year or you’re a student in charge of making the most of your school leavers moment, these school leavers ideas are all easy to plan and can be adapted for any age group.

Plan a trip

You can plan a fun trip or activity as a reward for school leavers at the end of the year

If you’re really stuck on any creative ideas then why not simply plan a fun trip. Many schools take reward trips at various points in the year usually to theme parks like Chessington or Thorpe Park. Have a look around and some of your nearest attractions and find the best deals for group tickets and school discounts.

Alternatively, why not choose a team activity instead. Activity day packages that include raft building, assault courses, canoeing, camping and other outdoor fun are perfect for getting the entire year working in teams and together. School years are some of the only times many of us get to try out these types of activities and they make the most of the warmer summer weather.

Plan a party

You can plan a disco for younger school leavers or a prom for older kids

A party or disco is often the highlight of the school year so why not go all out and plan a big bash for your school leavers. For Year 6 and younger school leavers organise a school disco and choose a theme to keep things interesting. Have awards for the best and most unique costumes, and make sure a parent or teacher is on hand with a camera to document the big event.

For Year 11 and older school leavers why not organise a prom night. This American tradition has become increasingly popular here in the UK and just like a disco it can be themed to make it more interesting. Typical themes include Hollywood or a night at the movies as well as tropical or beach themes. You can even put it to the school leavers themselves to vote on a theme so that everyone is involved in the planning right from the start. Organising committees for decorations, food and so on is a fantastic way of introducing some more grown-up roles for older school leavers as they prepare to take another step towards adulthood and documenting the complete process from start to finish means more memories for everyone.


School leavers hoodies are some of the most popular memento and are one of our most popular products

To really make your school leavers event memorable, a souvenir or memento is a must have. A memento provides a physical memory that can help leavers remember their time at school for years to come. School leavers hoodies are the most popular way for doing this and they often feature the school logo on the front shoulder with a list of the entire years’ name on the back, usually arranged in or with the year of graduation.

Today, there are a wide variety of styles and fonts you can choose from for your school leavers hoodies, and you can even make up your own design with the help of a logo designer. They come in a wide range of colours, so you pick the best colour for your school or organise for each person to pick their own colour for a unique and personalised touch. You can also get personalised leavers t-shirts, polos and even varsity jackets if you’re looking for something a bit more unique.

Yearbook and video

School leavers can save memories for years to come with a yearbook photo album or even a video

Organising a yearbook and/or video works best with one of our other ideas, such as organising a trip or a party, so you’ll have even more memories of the final school months and days. Yearbooks are another American tradition that has become increasingly popular here in the UK, and no wonder. You can create a yearbook that is as simple or as extravagant as you like, and you can pick a theme, colours and decoration that suit your school.

Again, you can organise a committee of students to help organise the yearbook photos and content and get the whole year to vote on a final theme or front cover design. Ask students to send in any photos they think should feature in the yearbook, and you can also include other fun content such as stories, poems, quotes and awards.

As an alternative or even in addition to the yearbook put together a video summing up the year. Again, feature pictures, poems and school work as well as any video footage captured during the year. With some background music and the help of a basic video or PowerPoint programme, you can easily create a video and make it accessible either online or even burn onto a disc for everyone to keep.

School leavers memories for everyone

Remember, it’s not just the students affected at this important time. Parents are also seeing their children grow up, while teachers will be saying goodbye to students they have taught and seen grow up for several years. It’s important to get everyone involved in your school leavers plans so that everyone has memories to take with them.

School leavers hoodies are a simple and affordable way to commemorate this milestone. Choose from a wide range of colours and order from just 1, so any school and class size can get a memento favourite years.

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