The best personalised party ideas

Party planning is big business and it can sometimes seem like we use any old excuse for a party. From big birthdays to anniversaries, weddings and even baby showers, party planners and events companies have come up with themes galore to satisfy our thirst for a good party. Unfortunately, with millions of us celebrating every year, it can start to feel like we’re running out of unique ideas.

If you’ve got a party to plan or an event coming up and you want to do something a bit different, some personalised party ideas could be just what you need. Whether it’s a kid’s pirate party or a sophisticated black and white event, some personalised party additions could give your theme a unique twist to put a smile on everyone’s face.

There are plenty of personalised party ideas out there, so if you’re planning a party for someone else or organising something for yourself, you can treat everyone to a more personal experience that they’re sure to remember.

Personalised gifts for the host

If you’re organising something for a loved one or just fancy stepping into the limelight for a change, these personalised host ideas are a great way to make your theme and decoration stand out.


From balloons to bunting, you can pretty much personalise any decoration you want. If you like the idea of some personalised balloons floating around, there are plenty of party shops that now offer customised balloons. In fact, companies like this one can customise super sophisticated balloon decorations with names and colours of your choosing. Get giant confetti to match your party theme colour scheme or even some elegant feathers and glitter, then finish with the host’s name in stylish script.

These personalised decorations are a great way to add a unique touch to your party

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While you can’t necessarily personalise balloons like this yourself, there are plenty of other DIY party ideas you can try to cut back on costs. Personalised bunting like this can be bought from some independent retailers, many of which now feature on Not On The High Street, but they’re also easy to make. Craft paper is quick and easy to cut and glue to make your banner or sign, or go the extra mile and cut out your bunting from pretty fabrics.

You can also try making your own cake toppers with the host’s name and event, although you can buy some incredibly stylish ones made from food-safe acrylic and other materials, usually available in a range of different sizes and colours to suit your cake.


If you’ve got a party to attend and aren’t sure what to get, say goodbye to the dreaded gift card and instead opt for a personalised gift. Far from being expensive, personalised gifts can often offer much more value for money as they are surprisingly affordable yet much more meaningful to the receiver.

You can find plenty of personalised gift options today with boutique websites like Etsy selling everything from jewellery to artwork, but you can also be completely unique and create your own personalised gifts. Personalised t-shirts and clothing are incredibly affordable and at i-Prints, there’s no minimum order value, so you can order from just one without worrying about costs. You may have typically seen these types of personalised items used for hen and stag parties, but you can also create personalised baby grows for expecting parents and baby shower gifts or just a fun personalised t-shirt for a friend.

Get unique personalised gifts including personalised t-shirts and even personalised baby grows from i-Prints

For something a bit more gift-like, you can also get a personalised mug printed. With processes like sublimation, printed mugs are now more affordable than ever, and you can make up your own meaningful phrase or a funny quote to go with someone’s name. This is a great opportunity to show how much you know and care about someone, and there’s no chance of accidentally getting the same thing as someone else!

Get personal with your guests

Often the limelight is on the host or hosts at a party, but what about the guests? Personalised presents and accessories are a fantastic way to give your guests something to take home and remember from the big event. If your party is just a small group, you can get even more personal with special messages and gifts tailored to each person.

Party bags and favours

Personalised party bags are especially perfect for children’s parties, but you can make them as sophisticated as you like for big kids too. These also work for the guests themselves or the party host. Depending on how many guests (and much time) you have, you can personalise each bag with a guest’s name for a unique twist. Most guests are much more likely to keep them a souvenir of the day and help make your event a party to remember.

Alternatively, just personalise each bag with the host and event name for a slightly less personal edge that will still make these party favours a keepsake item.


Get personalised party bags perfect for littles ones but just as unique for big kids too

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Named place settings

Both personal and practical, named place settings are typically used for weddings and formal occasions but we think they make a fun addition to any party. Just like the personalised party bags, these make great keepsake items, so everyone can take home a memento of the day.

If you’re hosting a dinner as the main part of your event, whether it’s just a few close friends or even a few hundred, it’s relatively easy to make stylish name settings yourself in the same style or theme as your party by printing out names and adding an extra flourish. We think this idea works especially well for a more sophisticated party or if think your guests might be a bit too old for a party bag.

You can make personalised place settings as simple or as detailed and unique as you want

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Just like all our personalised ideas, you can get as complex and as creative as you like, or keep it simple for quick and easy results. If it’s just a small group of friends, you can even write a small personalised message that is different for each person. They may be small, but you’ll be surprised by how much people appreciate these little mementos. It’s a fantastic way of saying thank you and shining the spotlight onto your guests.

Drink stirrers

If you’re skipping dinner and sticking to just drinks, then some personalised drinks stirrers top the list of our sophisticated soiree ideas. Again, you can find a range of styles of this idea for sale from boutique shops found on Etsy and similar websites. Most come in a choice of colours including metallic and even glitter variations for a fun and glitzy addition to your party décor.

These items are harder to pull off if you’re keeping things DIY, but if you don’t have many guests or you don’t mind putting the time in, you can use pre-bought wood or stick stirrers and create your own sticker on the top. Additionally, you can keep it even more basic and just personalise each stirrer with the host or event name instead.

Personalised drinks stirrers are a fun adult way to make your party unqiue

Source: Sophia Victoria Joy

Food and drink

Finally, after you’ve finished personalising everything you can think of, finish with the food and drink itself. This is another idea that is perfect for your guests or as a present for the host themselves. Wine bottle labels are the most popular, but with the help of a printer and a bit of creativity, you can pretty much personalise the label for anything. From water bottles to sweet wrappers, simply create and print the right size label and then get sticking.

While you can get extra personal with guest’s names, it’s best to stick to the host and event name if you’ve got a lot of food and drink to go around. When it comes to gifting, however, we recommend going the extra mile with personalised names as well.


Crate your own personalised bottle labels or even sweet labels

Source: The Pinning Mama

Ready to get personal?

For a gift that really says it all there’s nothing like a completely personalised present. Whether it’s just a funny message that you know a friend will love or the name of the newest member to the family, we can personalise clothing and mugs for a gift that they’ll really appreciate. Order one or one for the whole family, our prices stay affordable even when they’re not bulk. Call one of our team today to find out more.

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