Back To School

Are you ready for back to school? No?  Read our blog and you will be the mum of the playground!

After a long month of having the children home for summer the start of a new term jumps upon us. The sudden rush of getting everything together hits, new uniforms, new gym kits and new bags. Once ensuring your little ones set off in the morning with a whole set of brand new essentials, the worry of them coming home missing that pristine PE top you just bought sinks in. 



Personalised Uniforms

Make a change this year and get ahead of the inevitable lost items by giving them a personalised touch. There are a number of ways you can achieve an effective, aesthetically pleasing finish to their personalised school uniform while giving the practicality of easy identification in case that pesky shirt takes a walk. Here at i-Prints we are able to permanently place your child’s initials or name on the garment. If you would like a bold, blocked approach to personalise your uniforms printing is perfect for you, coming in a wide range of colours you are able to match the additions to the school’s logo. If you would prefer a more sophisticated, 3D look embroidery is your answer. Choose from a vast selection of thread colours to get the exact look you would like. With the help of a little personalising you will never be the victim of an adventurous shirt again! 

Team Kits

Is your son an aspiring footballer? Has your daughter joined the school’s netball team? No matter what sport your offspring have taken under their wings a team kit is vital in giving the squad a polished look. What makes a team kit so important? If you play, perform and work together as a team you deserve to look like one too. Teams kits are vital in making your child feel like they are a part of that group and are an equal to the others. A team kit will make you stand out and leave a lasting impression when competing against others. Take on your rival school in style!

School Trips

School trip day has hit, the dreaded moment of having to keep track of over 30 excited little ones has come. Why not make the task of watching over them easy with a special school trip hoodie? At the end of a long day out around a local museum there is always that one child who never makes it back for the time set and the long search to find them commences. With a bright, bold school trip shirt you will be able to spot them instantly taking away all the worry and searching. Give the children a lasting memory of their adventurous day out by creating a hoodie allowing them to remember where they spent the day learning new things.  


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